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Karaí, el Héroe  (2013) – 180 min.
Mitopopeya (epic mythical poem) in three acts on a novel by Adolfo Colombres.
Big Orchestra. Woodwinds, 4-4-3-1-, Timp. Perc.(4) Harp, Celesta, Bandoneón, Piano, Pipe organ and Strings. Cast: Five vocal soloists and six actors. Choir and Ballet. Violin solo and aerophones in the box.

Siete escenas-Egipto (2009) – 45 min.
Ballet – Production by the Association “Travellers through the years”.
Premiere: Teatro Zorrilla de Badalona.
Stage director: Boris Rotenstein. Choreography: Antoni Gómez. Documentation: Maribel Panosa. Ensemble of the Badalona Conservatoire and guest perfomers. Conductor: Pilar Bravo.

Aché (2008) – 18 min.
Scene on a text by Diego Civilotti (Respuesta de una mujer aché), for actress reciting, violoncello solo and percussion sextet.
Premiere: CBSO Center Birmingham, UK. Eduardo Vassallo, violoncello. Georgina Baker, voice. Yu-Tzu Kung, percussion. Jonathan Bloxham, conductor.

Adagio del bosque (2006) – 80 min.
Operatic drama with a libretto by Diego Civilotti.
Mezzosoprano, Children’s choir and four actors.
Fl.(also Picc), Ob.(also E.Horn), Cl.(A) also Bass-Cl. Bassoon, Trbn. bass, Percussion (2), Piano, Bandoneón, 2Vl., Vla., Vlc, Double bass.
Premiere: June, 1, 2007. Teatro Zorrilla, Badalona, Barcelona. Stage director: Jorge Salinas. Conductor: Enrique Pérez Mesa.

Quetzalcoalt (in progress)
Lyric drama about The Fall of Tenochtitlan.